Shrieking Violet Gemstone Bracelet - Light Blue bracelet with Aquamarine beads - Sterling silver heart with real forget-me-not flowers - One size


This baby blue bracelet is part of Shrieking Violet's popular purple haze collection. With aquamarine beads, silver sterling beads, a heart shaped charm and a handwoven baby blue nylon thread - this bracelet is stunning! This delicate bracelet has been carefully handmade and includes real tiny forget-me-not flowers which have been dried & encased in resin. The bracelet is super easy to adjust Ð just pull the drawstrings! - and will fit any size wrist. This charming bracelet is perfect to complement an outfit for a special occasion, or just to bring you joy day-to-day! According to German myth, forget-me-nots were first stumbled across by two young lovers walking along the Danube river. The young man tried to retrieve the beautiful blue flowers for his lover, but he slipped and fell into the river. As he floated away, he cried, Ôforget me not!Õ. Ever since, forget-me-nots have symbolised fidelity and never-ending love. What better flower to wear as a part of our stylish bracelet! Our bracelets are a unique gift idea suitable for all ages & occasions including birthdays, Mother's Day, good luck gifts or just to say thank you for being a friend. Supplied with a luxury gift box, purple organza pouch & information booklet. Min Length 150mm - Max Length 190mm, one size fits(more...)