Are the flowers real? Yes! The flowers are real. Either whole tiny flowers or parts of flowers.
How are they so small? We use miniature varieties of flowers. Some of the flowers look like their larger siblings eg sunflower, poppy but are actually a different species.
How should I store my jewellery? When not wearing the jewellery we recommend storing the jewellery in a cool dark place such as a drawer or jewellery box.
Is the jewellery waterproof? Contact with water should not cause damage to your jewellery however we recommend removing your jewellery before bathing, washing dishes etc. Should your jewellery come in to contact with water use a dry cloth/towel to gently pat dry.
Where does the silver come from? Our jewellery is made from recycled silver!
Will the flowers fade? Some of the flowers may slowly fade in colour over time, especially if exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods
Will the silver tarnish? Yes, all silver will tarnish or oxidize over time. Certain factors such as humidity, perfume residues, suntan lotion etc can speed up the tarnishing. The silver finish can be easily restored using the following methods:
  • - rubbing with a silver polishing cloth (recommended)
  • - brushing gently with luke-warm water with mild washing up liquid & old toothbrush
  • - Chemical silver cleaning dip (toxic)
  • We do not recommend using an ultrasonic cleaning machine as this may damage the jewellery
    I have an allergy. Is your jewellery safe? Shrieking Violet® jewellery is sterling silver 925. We regularly test our jewellery to make sure that 3rd party components are compliant with regulations. If you have very sensitive skin then even sterling silver could cause a reaction.
    Can you create custom pieces with my own flowers? Unfortunately, we do not do commissions.
    How much is shipping & how long does it take? Please see our Shipping & Delivery page by clicking here.